Thoughtful Classroom Differentiation / Literacy Understanding by Design
Harvey Silver Kathy Perez Jay McTighe
• A simple and deep framework for assessing instruction
• Increasing the Power of Student Thinking
• Research-based instructional strategies
• The Three Keys for Improving Teacher Effectiveness
• Developing A Framework for Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness
• Lesson Mastery - NOT Lesson Mystery!
• Motivating Reluctant Learners!
• Differentiation: Top 10 Tools to Transform Teaching!
• Dynamic Differentiated Instruction!
• Awesome and Authentic Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom
• Ten Components of an Undertanding by Design-Based Curriculum - UbD: Introduction to Curriculum Design
• UbD: Intermediate Curriculum Design - How can 'backward design' help build a more coherent curriculum
Art & Science of Teaching Differentiation Quality Assessment / Literacy
Tammy Heflebower Robin Fogarty Anne Davies
• Teaching and Assessing 21st Century Skills
• The Highly Engaged Classroom
• The Art & Science of Teaching
• Focus on Designing Classroom Assessments
• 21st Century Skills
• Trust the Learner
• Teach Less, Learn More
• Think Well Transfer of Learning
• Quality Classroom Assessment
• Quality Evidence of Learning
• Assessment in the Service of Learning
• Conferencing and Reporting
Instructional Coaching Classroom Instruction School Reform
Jim Knight Phil Warrick John Fleming
• Coaching Teachers to Improve Student Outcomes
• Instructional Coaching
• Powerful Staff Development
• Presentation SKills, Staff Development/PD
• Art and Science of Teaching
• Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading
• Teaching Academic Vocabulary
• Classroom Instruction That Works
• Why and how schools become 'moving' schools
• Understanding and Respecting the complexity of Teaching
• Developing a Professional Learning and Performance Culture
Leadership to Improve Teaching & Learning 21st Century Skills Habits of Mind
Lyn Sharratt Lee Crockett James Anderson
• Putting FACES on ASSESSMENT Data
• Assessment Data Drives INSTRUCTION
• What Great LEADERS do
• Classroom Walkthroughs
• Literacy is not Enough
• Living on the Future Edge
• Understanding the Digital Generation
• Habits of Mind: Practical Strategies for Classrooms
• Habits of Mind: Curriculum Infusion
Classroom Instruction
Teaching & Assessing
21st Century Skills
Professional Learning Communities
Brian Pete
• Differentiating Instruction
• Working with the Adult Learner
• Nine Best Practices and Metacognition
Gavin Grift
• Developing an understanding of key PLC concepts
• The difference between collegiality and
• Creating structures that support the work and get results
• A focus on Common Formative Assessments and SMART goals
2011 Events
27 Oct
Brighton, VIC
Collaborative Schools Forum Day 1: High Performing Collaborative Teams
Presented By: Sue Presler
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28 Oct
Brighton, VIC
Collaborative Schools Forum Day 2: Framework for Teaching for Classroom Observation
Presented By: Sue Presler
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2012 Events
24-25 Jan
Scarborough, WA
PLCs at Work Institute - Responding to Intervention (Perth)
Presented By: Mike Mattos
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30-31 Jan
St Kilda, VIC
PLCs at Work Institute - Responding to Intervention (Melbourne)
Presented By: Mike Mattos
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19-22 May
Caulfield, VIC
HBE 9th Annual Thinking & Learning Conference:
Teaching Strategies for the Thinking Classroom
Coming Soon
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