New Titles for the Month of February

Welcome to our new-look newsletter!

In this fabulous new monthly newsletter we will share with you all of the exciting titles that have been published by us in the past month, along with links to titles released over the month or two beforehand. Clicking on the thumbnails below will take you directly to the title's page on our website, and January's titles, split by categories, are listed as text links below this month's titles. So get clicking!

Also, don't forget to register for our upcoming 9th Annual Thinking and Learning Conference. Come along from 19-22 May for four days of amazing in-depth speeches from specialists in their fields, including Robert Marzano from The Marzano Institute, Harvey Silver and Lee Crockett, to name but a few. You can register or find information on our website at www.hbe.com.au/conference, or contact us to request a free brochure.


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Titles from January


Thinking Through Quality Questioning (CO1005)
Sparking Student Synapses, Years 9–12 (CO9003)
Family Maths Night: Strengthening Maths Ability through Family Interaction with CD-ROM (EYE0138)
But I'm Not a Reading Teacher (EYE0541)
Shakespeare: A Teaching Guide (WAL2110)
The Complete Guide to Shakespeare's Best Plays (WAL2127)
Understanding Psychology, 3rd edition (WAL2196)


Visual Tools for Transforming Information Into Knowledge (CO3995)
Developing Connective Leadership (SOT0459)
100 Days of Leadership Impact (SOT1791)
Finnish Lessons (TCP3221)


Common Formative Assessment (SOT0176)
Common Language Assessment for English Learners (SOT0435)
Knowing What Counts: Self-Assessment and Goal Setting, 2nd edition (SOT1793)
Knowing What Counts: Setting and Using Criteria, 2nd edition (SOT1809)
Knowing What Counts: Conferencing and Reporting, 2nd edition (SOT1830)

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