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This is the last day that early bird registrations for our 9th Annual Thinking and Learning Conference will be accepted! If you are interested in taking advantage of the early bird rates, make sure you register by 5 pm today. To wet your appetite, we have included some information on a few of our exciting speakers attending this year! You will find a short blurb on one of their topics, with links below to all of their individual sessions.

For more information on the conference or to register, click here or email us here.

Jay McTighe - Assessment
Jay McTighe

Ten Components of an Understanding by Design-Based Curriculum:
What do we want students to understand and be able to do? How does “understanding” differ from “knowing”? This two-day workshop by Jay McTighe explores these questions and more through a series of thought-provoking exercises and design experiences. Educators will learn how to use essential questions to frame curriculum, examine various assessment methods to use in assessing student understanding and more.

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Anne Davies & Sandra Herbst - Assessment
Jay McTighe

Conferencing and Reporting
A fabulous three-session workshop with Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst which covers effective communication during conferencing with students, parents and others within the school community. Davies and Herbst look at the six principles of evaluation and practical ways teachers can evaluate student work and report that learning to others.

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Tammy Heflebower - Art and Science of Teaching
Jay McTighe

Through this three-day workshop, Tammy Heflebower, vice-president of the Marzano Research Laboratory, will coach educators through this strong student-focused model. Teachers will learn the science behind strategies that help student achievement, discover 10 essential questions to guide lesson design, learn how to use some of the 41 research-based instructional strategies, learn how to effectively teach and assess 21st century skills, help students effectively interact with new knowledge and more!

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Phil Warrick - Art and Science of Teaching
Jay McTighe

Educational Leadership
Phil Warrick addresses the concept of instructional leadership at the school level, including teacher leadership, in this three-session workshop. Strategies for establishing a collaborative culture of leadership, the four domains of the Marzano model and how these domains support teacher growth, and what instructional rounds are and how to implement them as a method for teachers to learn and share best practices within a school will all be explored, culminating in a simulated instructional rounds session.

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Lyn Sharrat - Data
Jay McTighe

Putting Faces on the Data: What Great Leaders Do!
Lyn Sharratt looks at leadership and the research behind the FACES strategy that is becoming widely used in Australian schools. In these three sessions, leaders will learn the skills involved that are defined as knowledge-ability, how to mobilise staff members and community, and how to sustain all their hard work after they are gone to ensure constant student achievement.

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Lee Crocket - 21st Century Learning
Jay McTighe

Understanding the Digital Generation
In this three-session workshop, Lee Crockett, a leader in 21st century skills, helps educators to understand the digital generation and how this can be used in the classroom. Crockett begins with a comprehensive profile of ten core learning attributes of digital learners and what new skills students will need in the digitally-infused working environment. Core teaching, learning and assessment strategies that can be used to appeal to students’ digital lifestyle and learning preferences, along with the principles of Global Digital Citizenship and how they can be cultivated in your students to will also be explored in this great workshops.

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