Welcome to our special edition Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions events newsletter where you can learn more about our exciting upcoming events in 2012! In this newsletter we have information about Will Richardson's upcoming Australia tour, Carol Ann Tomlinson's Differentiation workshops and the Professional Learning Communities at Work Summit: Ahead of the Curve.


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Richard and Rebecca DuFour - Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute (Various dates)

Richard DuFour, EdD, was a public school educator for 34 years, serving as a teacher, principal and superintendent. Dr DuFour is the author of many books and has written numerous professional articles. He consults with school districts, state departments and professional organisations throughout North America on strategies for improving schools.

Rebecca DuFour has served as a teacher, school administrator and central office coordinator. She has written for numerous professional journals, including a quarterly column for the National Association of Elementary School Principals publication Leadership Compass. She consults with and works for professional organisations, school districts, universities and state departments of education throughout North America.

Schools Take On The PLC Challenge And Establish A National PLC Network
As part of Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions mission to support the professional growth of educators, three major initiatives are being undertaken to support schools to embed the concepts and characteristics of becoming Professional Learning Communities.

Across Melbourne and Adelaide ten primary schools have been part of a groundbreaking Pilot Program over the past three years, as they work towards becoming a national model of Professional Learning Communities through intensive professional learning support and rigorous school reflection.

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For further information, contact Gavin Grift here.

Titles by Richard and Rebecca DuFour:
On Common Ground: The Power of Professional Learning Communities (SOT3476)
The Collaborative Teacher: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community (SOT2622)
The Journey to Becoming a Professional Learning Community (SOT2608)
Getting Started: Reculturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities (SOT8672)

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Jay McTighe - Understanding by Design (May dates)

Jay McTighe has a wealth of experience developed during a rich and varied career in education. McTighe has an extensive background in staff development and is a regular speaker at national, state and district conferences and workshops. He is also a featured presenter in four videotape programs, Performance Assessment in the Classroom, Developing Performance Assessments, Understanding, and Using Backward Design.

Understanding by Design Information:
HBPLS will be hosting Jay McTighe in Perth for the Understanding by Design Institute. As schools embrace the challenges of a standards based education and examine how best to plan for high levels of student achievement, Dr. Jay McTighe provides us with the most reputable, rigorous and research based curriculum design process for educators.

How can we create a rigorous and engaging curriculum that focuses on understanding and leads to improved student performance in today's high-stakes, standard-based environment? What do we want students to understand and be able to do? What 'enduring' knowledge is worth understanding? What is 'understanding' and how does it differ from 'knowing'? How will we know that students truly understand and can apply their knowledge in a meaningful way? How might we design our
courses and units to emphasise understanding rather than 'coverage'?

In this two day institute Dr Jay McTighe will explore these questions through a series of thought-provoking exercises and design experiences. Since understanding is enhanced through application, participants will use the tools and templates of Understanding by Design to create or refine a unit of study.

Titles by Jay McTighe:
The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High Quality Units (109107)
Conversations: Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design (610132)
Connecting Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design and What Works in Schools: An Exploration of Research-Based Strategies (DVD) (609012)

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Carol Ann Tomlinson - Differentiating Instruction and 21st Century Skills: Preparing All Learners for the World Ahead (30-31 July)

Carol Ann Tomlinson's career as an educator includes 21 years as a public school teacher and 12 years as a program administrator of special services for struggling and advanced learners. She was Virginia's Teacher of the Year in 1974. Carol is a reviewer for eight journals and is author of over 200 articles, book chapters, books and other professional development materials.

Workshop Information:
"Fulfilling the promise of differentiation responding to the needs of all learners. The idea of differentiating instruction is an approach to teaching that advocates active planning for and attention to student differences in classrooms, in the context of high quality curriculums." (caroltomlinson.com)

HBPLS are pleased to be working with Carol Tomlinson to support teachers in the challenges of differentiation. Carol will be facilitating professional learning for educators to explore; Differentiating Instruction and 21st Century Skills: Preparing All Learners for the World Ahead.

Titles by Carol Ann Tomlinson:
Differentiation and the Brain (SOT8037)
Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom (108011)
Differentiation in Practice: A Resource Guide for Differentiating Curriculum, Grades 9–12 (104140)
The Differentiated School: Making Revolutionary Changes in Teaching and Learning (105005)

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Will Richardson - Australian Tour (July 16-25)

Will Richardson is known internationally for his work with educators and students to understand and implement instructional technologies and, more specifically, the tools of the Read/Write Web into their schools, classrooms and communities. He is a leading voice for school reform in the context of the fundamental changes these new technologies are bringing to all aspects of life.

Workshop Information:

"Old School" or "Bold School"? Redefining our Value in a Connected World
Given that reality, what changes? How do we rethink our roles as schools, classrooms and educators at a moment when our students have a growing number of options to receive an "education"?

Personal Learning Networks: Passionate, Purposeful Spaces to Learn
Learning is social, we've all known that. Now, with the Web, it's globally social. To flourish as learners in a connected world, we need a network, one that we can trust, one that we can turn to when we need answers or inspiration or direction.

A Steep Unlearning Curve: Reframing Our View of Learning
In this increasingly easy to access, quick to change world of knowledge, our ability to "unlearn" what we thought was true and relearn it in the context of new information is a crucial skill, not only in a literacy sense but in a lifelong learning sense as well.

Titles by Will Richardson:
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools, 3rd Edition (CO5999)
Learning on the Blog: Collected Posts for Educators and Parents (CO1111)
Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education (SOT1816)
21st Century Learning in a Networked World: For Our Students and Ourselves (SOT1953)

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Dylan Wiliam - Professional Learning Communities at Work Summit: Ahead of the Curve (Sydney and Melbourne dates, November 2012)

Dylan Wiliam, PhD, is a consultant who works with educators in the United Kingdom and North America to develop effective, research-based formative assessment practices. He coauthored a major review of research evidence on formative assessment with Paul Black and has worked with many teachers in the United Kingdom and United States on developing formative assessment practices to support learning. In addition to a doctor of education, Dr Wiliam holds numerous degrees in mathematics and mathematics education.

Ahead of the Curve Information:
Dylan Wiliam provides a strong case for increasing educational achievement through increasing the quality of our teachers in our schools. HBPLS are hosting a number of professional learning events with Dylan to support schools in taking the challenge of improving teacher quality and student learning head-on through exploring the important role of the formative assessment process. These forums will specifically provide;

  • practical strategies for classroom formative assessment
  • key emphasis on the instructional side of this process
  • an in depth examination of the use of classroom questioning, learning intentions and success criteria, feedback, collaborative and cooperative learning and self regulated learning.

Titles by Dylan Wiliam:
Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching & Learning (SOT8281)
Embedded Formative Assessment (SOT8112)

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