Dr Jay McTighe is coming to Perth for an exciting two day workshop based around design-based curriculum that will engage students and lead them into a higher level of achievement and performance.


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Jay McTighe - Understanding by Design (10 and 11 May 2012) - PERTH DATE ANNOUNCED!

Jay McTighe has a wealth of experience developed during a rich and varied career in education. McTighe has an extensive background in staff development and is a regular speaker at national, state and district conferences and workshops. He is also a featured presenter in four videotape programs, Performance Assessment in the Classroom, Developing Performance Assessments, Understanding, and Using Backward Design.

Understanding by Design Information:
HBPLS will be hosting Jay McTighe in Perth for the Understanding by Design Institute. As schools embrace the challenges of a standards based education and examine how best to plan for high levels of student achievement, Dr. Jay McTighe provides us with the most reputable, rigorous and research based curriculum design process for educators.

How can we create a rigorous and engaging curriculum that focuses on understanding and leads to improved student performance in today's high-stakes, standard-based environment? What do we want students to understand and be able to do? What 'enduring' knowledge is worth understanding? What is 'understanding' and how does it differ from 'knowing'? How will we know that students truly understand and can apply their knowledge in a meaningful way? How might we design our
courses and units to emphasise understanding rather than 'coverage'?

In this two day institute Dr Jay McTighe will explore these questions through a series of thought-provoking exercises and design experiences. Since understanding is enhanced through application, participants will use the tools and templates of Understanding by Design to create or refine a unit of study.

Titles by Jay McTighe:
The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High Quality Units (109107)
Conversations: Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design (610132)
Connecting Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design and What Works in Schools: An Exploration of Research-Based Strategies (DVD) (609012)

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