New Titles for the Month of March

Welcome to our monthly new titles newsletter!

Please find below all of our new titles released in the month of March. Find out more about each title by clicking on the thumbnail, which will take you directly to the book's page on our website. We also have our titles released in February listed, just in case you missed out last month! Happy clicking!

Also, don't forget to register for our upcoming 9th Annual Thinking and Learning Conference. Come along from 19-22 May for four days of amazing in-depth speeches from specialists in their fields, including Robert Marzano from The Marzano Institute, Harvey Silver and Lee Crockett, to name but a few. You can register or find information on our website at www.hbe.com.au/conference, or contact us to request a free brochure.


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Titles from February


Breaking Free From Myths About Teaching and Learning (109041)
Classroom Instruction That Works, 2nd Edition (111001)
Creating the Opportunity to Learn (107016)
How to Teach Now (111011)
Inquire: Teacher's Guide (HB9980)
Motivating Students Who Don't Care (SOT2552)
Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success (111038)
Supervising the Art and Science of Teaching DVD (SOT2521)
The Purposeful Classroom (112007)
Total Participation Techniques (111037)


The Will to Lead, The Skill to Teach (SOT2866)


Great Performances: Creating Classroom-Based Assessment Tasks, 2nd Edition (110038)
Making Classroom Assessment Work, 3rd Edition (SOT1762)
Maths Intervention (EYE0107)


An English Teacher's Guide to Performance Tasks: Secondary School (EYE1746)
Critical Thinking: Readings in Nonfiction, Secondary School (WAL0138)
Digital and Media Literacy: Connecting Culture and Classroom (CO1098)
Media Literacy: Thinking Critically About Newspapers and Magazines (WAL0190)
Teaching Grammar: What Really Works (EYE0480)
The Graphic Novel Classroom (CO3919)
The Teacher's Guide to Media Literacy (CO3988)
Vocabulary at the Centre (EYE0497)


Connecting Students STEM Careers to Social Networking Strategies (IST0688)
IA for the Classroom: Whiteboards and Projectors (VIS3827)
Mobile Phones in the Classroom (IST0558)
Teaching 21st Century Skills (111021)
Transformational Teaching in the Information Age (110078)
Wikis for School Leaders (EYE0534)

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