Tammy Heflebower
• Discover 10 Essential Questions
• 41 Research-Based Instructional Strategies
• Teacher Instructional Teaching Rounds
• Art & Science of Teaching School Wide Instruction
Harvey Silver
• Learning Clubs
• Leadership Tools
• Tools for Thoughtful Assessment
• Reading for Meaning
• Asessment Driven Instruction
Jay McTighe
• What We Want Students to Understand & Do
• Backward Design Model
• Six Facets of Understanding
• Apply W.H.E.R.E. T.O. Framework
Anne Davies
• Quality Evidence of Learning
• Setting and Using Criteria
• Rubrics for Learning
• Self Assessment and Peer Assessment
Robin Fogarty
• Trust the Learner
• Teach Less, Learn More
• 7 Steps of Transfer
• Transfer of Learning

Keynote Address:

Saturday 19 May
8.30 am – The Promenade

(live video stream from Denver)
Why the Art and Science of Teaching?

Sunday 20 May
8.30 am – The Promenade

How Thoughtful is Your School or

Monday 21 May
8.30 am – The Promenade

Teachers Make the Difference!

Tuesday 22 May
8.30 am – The Promenade

The Challenges Facing Education in
the 21st Century

Lee Crockett
• Living on the Future Edge
• The Age of Disruptive Innovation
• Inspiring Innovation Creativity
• Literacy is Not Enough
Kathy Perez
• Motivating Reluctant Learners!
• Success for ALL Students
• Dynamic Differentiation
• Top 10 Tools for Transforming Teaching
Lyn Sharratt
• Assessment Data Drives Instruction
• Rich Instructional Tasks
• Achievement and Engagement
• Putting Faces on Data
Phil Warrick
• Art & Science of Teaching
• Formative Assessment
• Learning Goals
• Leading Learning
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Brian Pete
• Differentiating Instruction
• Explicit Teaching
• Nine Best Practises
• Working Adult Learner
Jim Knight
• Creating an Impact School
• Powerful Instructional Strategies
• Instructional Coaching
• Partnership Communication
• Innovate • Educate • Inspire
2012 Events
10-11 May
Perth, WA
Understanding by Design: Introduction to Curriculum Design Institute Register Now
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19-22 May
Caulfield, VIC

HBE 9th Annual Thinking & Learning Conference:
Teaching Strategies for the Thinking Classroom

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5-8 June & 21-25 Aug
Melbourne, VIC
Cognitive Coaching Foundation Training Seminar Register Now
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12-15 June & 27-30 Aug
Adelaide, SA
Cognitive Coaching Foundation Training Seminar

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18 July
Sydney, NSW

From "Old" Schools to "Bold" Schools

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19 July
Melbourne, VIC
From "Old" Schools to "Bold" Schools Register Now
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30-31 July
Brisbane, QLD
Differentiation Instruction and 21st Century Skills: Preparing All Learners for the World Ahead Register Now
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13-15 Aug
Melbourne, VIC
Cognitive Coaching Advanced Seminar Register Now
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16-17 Aug & 18-19 Oct
Melbourne, VIC
Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar Register Now
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9-10 Nov
Sydney, NSW
12-13 Nov
Melbourne, VIC
Professional Learning Communities at Work Summit: Ahead of the Curve Register Now
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