New Titles for the Month of April

Welcome to our monthly new titles newsletter!

Please find below all of our new titles released in the month of April. Find out more about each title by clicking on the thumbnail, which will take you directly to the book's page on our website. We also have our titles released in February listed, just in case you missed out last month! Happy clicking!

Also, don't forget to register for our upcoming 9th Annual Thinking and Learning Conference. It's now only two weeks away! Come along from 19-22 May for four days of amazing in-depth speeches from specialists in their fields, including Robert Marzano from The Marzano Institute, Harvey Silver and Lee Crockett, to name but a few. You can register or find information on our website at www.hbe.com.au/conference, or contact us to request a free brochure.


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Titles from March


A Six-Step Process For Teaching Vocabulary DVD (605169)
The Strategic Teacher DVD (610137)
The Journey of Al & Gebra to the Land of Algebra (AHA2714)
101+ Great Ideas for Introducing Key Concepts in Mathematics (CO1012)
Styles and Strategies for Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (CO1067)
What Successful Maths Teachers Do, Years 6-12 (CO1210)
Maths in Plain English (EYE0091)
Engaging Mathematics Students Using Cooperative Learning (EYE0114)
Media Literacy in the P-12 Classroom (IST3405)
Design and Visual Communication Book 1 (LG2279)
Word Works: Cracking Vocabulary's CODE (TC0572)
Word Works: Cracking Vocabulary's CODE SupaPak (TC0589)
Questioning Styles and Strategies (TC0619)
Questioning Styles and Strategies SupaPak (TC0640)
From Note Taking to Notemaking (TC0626)
From Note Taking to Notemaking SupaPak (TC0657)
Making and Sharing Book Trailers (VIS1326)
Making the Most of Moodle (VIS1340)
Web 2.0 for the Library (VIS1449)
iLearn iTeach iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Apps (VIS3834)
iLearn iTeach Apps for iPad (VIS3841)
Expeditions in Your Classroom, English Years 7 & 8 (WAL0121)
Critical Thinking: Readings in Nonfiction, Middle Years (WAL0145)


Putting FACES on the Data: What Great Leaders Do! (CO1180)
Professional Development: What Works, 2nd Edition (EYE0503)
Gifted Students in the School Context (HB0152)
Humane Teaching (HB3283)
Humane Teaching US Version (HB3290)
Talent Management in Education (SA1359)
When Students Fail to Learn (SOT1878)
Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment (SOT3382)


Working with Parents (AHA6422)
Bridges Out of Poverty SupaPak (AHA6743)