New Titles for the Month of May

Welcome to our monthly new titles newsletter!

Please find below all of our new titles released in the month of May. Find out more about each title by clicking on the thumbnail, which will take you directly to the book's page on our website. We also have our titles released in April listed, just in case you missed out last month! Happy clicking!


EYE3962 EYE1753 CO3832 SOT5249 SOT2545
EYE3993 SA3672 TCP3207 TCP3276 HB3955
SOT0053 SOT3803 SOT3306 EYE4020 SOT0183
VIS1241 VIS1258 CO3870 VIS1272 EYE4037
IST3115 EYE3986 SOT5256 TCP1694 TCP3184
EYE3122 CO3771 SA5270 CO3788 TCP3153
EYE4013 EYE0510 EYE4044 EYE4167 EYE4006
SOT2590 TCP3214 SA3542 EYE4075 EYE4150
EYE3139 707017 TC0596 TCP1700 EYE4051
EYE4068 SOT4099 SOT3061 SA1373 CA126899
CA126891 CA12689 CA126909 CA126901 CA12690
  CA126919 CA126911 CA12691  

Titles from April


The UbD Guide to Advanced Concepts in Creating and Reviewing Units (112026)
Circle Time for the Very Young, Third Edition (SA1298)
Creative Ways to Teach Literacy (SA1304)
Write Dance, Second Edition (SA1366)
Cognitive Psychology (SA3658)
Study Skills (SA3689)
Changing Behaviour in Schools (SA3948)
How RTI Works in Secondary Schools (SOT0473)
Data Dynamics (SOT0695)
RTI in Secondary Schools (SOT0701)
Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework (SOT1915)
Teaching Empathy with CD (SOT2583)
Got Data? Now What? (SOT3344)
TCP Series: Classroom Curriculum Design (TC0633)
Reading in Style: Differentiated Reading Activities (TC0664)
Crossing the Vocabulary Bridge (TCP3238)
Jump Start Health! (TCP3245)

Professional Development

Tactical Communication (AHA0581)
The Daily Practices of Successful Principals (CO1166)
Building Learning Power (HB9997)
Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning in the Early Years (SA1311)
Play-Based Learning in the Primary School (SA3504)
Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to PLCs at Work (SOT3313)
Essentials for Principals: Data-Based Decision Making (SOT3351)
Leading by Design (SOT3368)
The Learning Edge (TCP3269)
Professional Capital (TCP3337)


Literacy is NOT Enough (CO1159)
From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom (CO3801)
Digital Learning for All, Now (CO3863)
Natural Learning for a Connected World (TCP3191)
Interactive Activities for the Classroom: Whiteboards and Projectors (VIS1296)


Mathematics Formative Assessment (CO1128)
Styles and Strategies for Teaching Middle Years Mathematics (CO1197)
Overcoming Difficulties with Number (SA0077)