Hawker Brownlow Education


Sometimes the challenge in seeking resource support in schools is not a shortage of information but knowing which information is most relevant to school improvement efforts. The Hawker Brownlow Education Improving Student Outcomes series draws on leading research and practical strategies to assist teams or individual leaders in focusing their efforts on student learning. Chapter extracts from renowned international and Australian authors have been compiled to outline improvement priorities based on student, school and community needs.

We are seemingly at a crossroads in education, evident in the public discourse scrutinising the effectiveness of our school system in providing students with the knowledge, skills and understandings that will equip them for a future largely unknown. As we collectively attempt to raise the bar in education, issues that have perhaps always existed become more prevalent and we are learning more about what we can do to address them. This series aims to help schools create and implement better outcomes for students.

Volume One, Securing Learning Success, provides stimulus for educators to think about how they might secure learning success for all

Volume Two, Students Driving Learning, provides pathways for teachers and leaders to think about pedagogies and practices that place students’ centre-stage and in the driver’s seat of their learning.

Readers have the chance to either read this series in its own right or select the areas that meet their own contextual needs. Schools can select and individualise global best-practice strategies to improve, monitor, progress and evaluate student outcomes.