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Professional Learning Communities – Voices from the Field: A Complete Professional Learning Resource for Schools is the perfect facilitators guide for any leadership team, collaborative team or educator looking to transform their school into a professional learning community.

This multimedia professional learning package presents a series of in-depth interviews and meetings with teachers, leaders and other stakeholders as they discuss the key ideas of professional learning communities, providing invaluable insight into the PLC process from real educators who do the work every day.

Included in this package are two USB’s with accompanying videos. You will observe how becoming a professional learning community has not only improved both the school and the school community, but also the professional outcomes of its own educators and the students they serve.

Colin Sloper

Colin Sloper is the Director of Education Services for Solution Tree Australia. He has been a teacher, assistant principal and principal in government schools for the past 36 years. During his career, he has been involved in the establishment of five new state government schools, including his time as principal of Pakenham Springs Primary School in Victoria. His leadership emphasises student engagement while achieving substantial results for both the students and teachers he serves.

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