Hawker Brownlow Education

Anthony Muhammad will be presenting at the
16th Annual Thinking & Learning Conference in Melbourne.

FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019
Session 1: What Is School Culture and Why Should I Care?
Understand the importance of school culture from an empirical perspective.
Learn to clearly recognise the difference between “healthy” and “toxic” cultures. Leave with strategies and insights that start to engage the entire school community in the culture building process.    
Session 2: Transforming School Culture Framework
Learn how staff division develops and how to prevent it. Learn strategies that heal old social and professional wounds. Learn how to create an environment where every professional can thrive.  
Session 3: The Four Skills of Transformational Leaders
Understand the true meaning and value of school culture. Understand the importance of developing consensus. Acquire practical skills that inspire others to embrace change.
Session 1: Building Purpose and Overcoming Frustration on Your Improvement Journey
Learn how to address counterproductive belief systems and form a cohesive team of student advocates.
Understand how to analyse and manage staff frustration.
Understand the balance between support and accountability.
Session 2: Collaboration Is a Lifestyle, Not a Meeting!
Understand how to construct and protect productive collaborative relationships.
Understand how to create organisational coherence and ensure collaboration at every level of the school community.
Understand the balance between support and accountability.
Session 3: Institutionalising Cultural Health: Bringing the Four PLC Questions to Life!
Practise developing essential standards and student outcomes.
Learn the process of creating useful and valid common assessments.
Learn how to methodically create an effective academic intervention system that meets the individual needs of students.
SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019
Session 1: Mindset and Achievement: Addressing Systemic Bias and Discrimination
Understand the nature of subtle and institutionalised discrimination.
Reflect on current school policies and norms in relation to their underperforming population.
Understand the difference between meritocracy and egalitarianism.
Session 2: Trapped at the Bottom: The Impact of the Superiority and Victim Mindsets
Understand the connection between personal socialisation and student expectations.
Understand the power of mindsets and their influence on educator effectiveness.
Understand the impact of damaging mindsets (Superiority and Inferiority).
Session 3: The Liberation Mindset: Truly Creating a System that Serves ALL!
Understand the critical components of the Liberation Mindset.
Gain practical tools to start the process of mindset transformation.
Understand the power of collective efficacy and child advocacy.