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Gavin Grift will be presenting at the
16th Annual Thinking & Learning Conference in Melbourne.


Professional Learning Communities

The Professional Learning Communities process is supported by research and endorsed by educational researchers at all levels as our best hope for sustained, substantive improvement. But what is a professional learning community? In this one-day institute, Gavin Grift and Colin Sloper, who recently revised Learning by Doing for the Australian context, will outline the three big ideas that drive the PLC concept, offer practical strategies for bringing those ideas to life and share collective learning from schools throughout Australia that are using those ideas to have a profound impact on student and adult learning.

Session 1: PLCs: What They Are and What They Aren’t
Learn how to shift teachers’ beliefs and mindsets to those underpinned by “high levels of learning for all”.
Discover why professional learning communities are becoming the highly regarded method for ensuring sustained school and system improvement.
Explore ways to start or enhance your PLC journey.
Session 2: Developing High Levels of Collaboration
Discover the specific work undertaken by collaborative teams in a PLC.
Learn strategies to ensure teams function at high levels of effectiveness.
Plan a sample authentic STEM unit.
Session 3: 12 Actions to Guide the Work of Collaborative Teams
Learn how the actions required for teams to answer the critical PLC questions.
Discover the true work and focus of high-performing collaborative teams.
FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019
Session 1: The Power of Professional Learning Communities
The Power of Professional Learning Communities
Discover the 3 big ideas that sit behind a PLC
Learn the sic critical questions that drive the work of a PLC
Discover how PLCs improve student learning
Session 2: Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools
Collaborative teams that transform schools
Learn how to transform the work of collaborative teams
Discover the power of teachers working collaboratively
Session 3: Five Commitments for Leading a PLC
5 Commitments for Leading a PLC
Discover the 5 commitments needed to transform school into a PLC
Learn critical strategies to change the school’s current status quo
Understand how to sustain your school’s PLC journey
SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019
Session 1: Teachers as Architects of Learning: Effective Strategies for Learning-Focused Teachers
Learn how to create successful learning experiences
Explore high level teaching strategies
Discover how to effectively use feedback to improve teacher and student learning
Session 2: Becoming an Exceptional Coach
Discover the power of coaching to enhance teaching skills
Explore how coaching can enhance reflective practices
Session 3: Strengthen Your Use of Explicit Instruction
Learn what explicit instruction is
Explore how explicit instruction can improve student learning
Experience explicit instruction first hand