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Erin Erceg will be presenting at the
16th Annual Thinking & Learning Conference in Melbourne.

SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019
Session 1: The Missing Piece: Addressing the Social and Emotional Needs of Students in a Changing World
Identify critical developmental stages that may present challenges to their students’ progress.
Learn strategies to provide students with social and emotional capabilities to address challenges linked to developmental stages. Identify specific strategies to address the social and emotional needs of students who are experiencing behavioural, emotional, relationship and learning developmental difficulties.    
Session 2: Knowledgeable, Responsible and Caring Students: Connecting to School
Explore current evidence around social and emotional learning and school connectedness with their individual school vision and objectives Embed and enhance social and emotional learning within whole-school policies and teaching practices Learn how to apply strategies to increase student connectedness to school, empower student voice and develop student social and emotional capability  
Session 3: Getting the Balance Right: Embedding Social and Emotional Learning into the Curriculum
Learn how to apply deeper personal social and emotional understanding and capability to your teaching practice Embed and enhance social and emotional learning within your current teaching practices and learning areas Identify social and emotional developmental critical points and link activity to support students’ development and learning

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