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The world needs great individual education changemakers capable of identifying problems and creating bold, scalable solutions. But the world also needs Dream Teams – groups of talented administrators, teachers, staff, students and community members who are passionate about making things better for kids, believe that school-based change is the means to this end, and are willing to work together to achieve it.

This book is for Dream Teams in the making. In it, rising global education leaders Aaron Tait and Dave Faulkner share the models and methods of 10 brilliant leadership teams at urban, suburban and rural schools. Informed by these successes, the authors provide specific advice for navigating what they call the Change Leader Journey: how to move from Dream Team assembly and problem analysis to solution generation, piloting, promotion and evaluation.

Innovative educators come in all forms and require lots of options. Here, you’ll find a collection of practical ideas and tools designed to fuel transformational leadership without sacrificing instructional excellence. Whether your team is a group of fearless rebels, more cautious types or somewhere in between, Tait and Faulkner’s flexible approach can help you figure out where you want your school to go, build a more collaborative and creative culture, and generate the solutions that best serve your students.