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We have had a lot of enquiries as to whether Dr Richard DuFour and Rebecca DuFour will be returning to Australia for our Professional Learning Communities Institute. The answer is NO they will not be returning in 2013 or 2014. This year’s annual PLC event is Transforming School Culture Summit with leading PLC associate Dr Anthony Muhammad. Anthony was hand-selected as a PLC associate by Richard and Rebecca DuFour and presents the closing keynote at many of the PLC Institutes in America.   




Anthony has been an educational practitioner for nearly 20 years. He has served as a principal for a middle and high school, a middle school teacher and assistant principal. Anthony has won several awards as a teacher and a principal. Through utilising the PLC framework Dr Muhammad and his staff from Levey Middle School more than doubled the student’s proficiency on state assessments in five years. Anthony is a best-selling author of Transforming School Culture, The Will to Lead, the Skill to Teach and has several DVDs and a online course based on Transforming School Culture. You will walk away from this Summit, informed and inspired to continue on your PLC journey.  Don’t miss out…. This is our premium PLC event this year!


We need new solutions to old problems when it comes to ensuring high levels of success for schools. The Transforming School Culture Summit has been designed to provide insights and actions to meeting these challenges. Led by Dr Anthony Muhammad and Dr Phil Warrick, this two-day summit will explore what schools can do to shape their culture.


Brisbane - Thursday 12-Friday 13 Septemeber ---> Register Now!

Melbourne - Monday 16-Tuesday 17 September ---> Register Now!


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