Assesment Institute 1st and 2nd October 2013


2014 dates now available!

Teacher quality is the most significant variable in school improvement, and of all the things teachers can do to improve the quality of their teaching, formative assessment has been shown to provide the greatest impact. Learn why previous attempts to improve educational achievement have been largely unsuccessful, and what needs to be done to improve educational outcomes at a large scale. 


Throughout this workshop participants will focus on:

Strategies and practical techniques for formative assessment
Understand how a focus on three key processes in education – where students are in their learning, where they are going and how to get there – generate the five strategies of effective classroom formative assessment.

Formative assessment: what it is and what it isn’t
You will learn to distinguish between different kinds of formative assessment and, more importantly, know when to use which to make the most difference to student learning.

Why we need to raise achievement, what’s been tried and why it hasn’t worked
Understand why raising achievement is an economic priority for every country and why most educational reforms haven’t worked. Learn why teacher quality is the most important variable in determining student outcomes, and why educational improvement must first focus on helping teachers improve.

Providing feedback that moves learning forward
Feedback can have a huge impact on learning, but most of the feedback received by students in schools is, at best, useless, and can, in many situations, actually lower student achievement. In this session, participants will learn about different kinds of feedback, the eight possible kinds of responses that students can make, and why only two of them will actually improve learning.

Come with a team….. leave with a QUALITY teaching plan in 2014! 





During this Two Day Institute, Dr Dylan Wiliam outlines a model to shift toward more formative assessment-based teaching practices by first addressing content (what needs to be changed) and then addressing the process to approach that change.  On day two, Dylan will be presenting his new session on Leadership for Teaching which covers:

The relationship of formative assessment to other policy priorities

What makes effective teacher learning
Peer observations
Teacher motivation: the power of small wins
The five requirements of effective teacher learning (choice, flexibility, small steps, accountability, support)
The role of leaders (including supporting teachers in taking risks, and a case study of what not to do!)


Don’t miss out… places are limited!! 

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