Do you work with people from disadvantaged backgrounds?

Are you looking to improve the way your organisation responds to those experiencing poverty?

Bridges Out of Poverty represents a powerful tool for change. Bridges reaches out to service providers and businesses whose daily work connects them with the lives of people in poverty. Organisations and communities that are struggling with persistent poverty find that Bridges Out of Poverty offers tools and strategies that address poverty in a comprehensive way.

During this forum, participants will explore:

How economic diversity affects behaviours and mindsets
How to assess a person’s resources (based on the nine resources defined by Dr Ruby Payne)
The importance of building interventions based on resources
The barriers created by language and how to address this
How to build and sustain relationships with those from generational poverty
The “hidden rules” of class
Why clients/agencies often misunderstand each other
Why some people appear to talk in circles and others come straight to the point
Some changes that could be made at a community, agency or individual level


Marie McLeod from Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions discusses Bridges out of Poverty



This two-day training will prepare and accredit those who wish to run Getting Ahead with their clients or community members. Participants will be trained to run a 10 week program (suggested 2.5 hours twice per week) for those trapped in poverty. 

The program allows participants to explore the impact that poverty has had on them and come up with a plan for a better future.

At the end of the program, participants will be supported by staff/agencies who have attended the Bridges out of Poverty training, to bring their future plans to fruition.

Why you should attend?

Learn how to support your clients who are disengaged from work/training, homeless or marginalised in other ways

Support your clients in improving important life skills and plan for a better future

Become part of the growing network of Getting Ahead sites across Australia


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