Have you completed Cognitive Coaching Foundation Training and want to refine and deepen your learning? Then, do not miss out on this opportunity! ...this will be your only chance in the forseeable future to attend this training!!

Advanced Seminars provide refinement and depth of learning for those desiring to achieve expert proficiency in Cognitive Coaching and are highly supportive of those who wish to begin the pathway to becoming an agency trainer.


By attending, participants will:
Increase their skill and capacity for advanced paraphrasing and questioning
Deepen their understanding and application of each of the three maps
Learn how to go below the surface when coaching
Become clearer on the relationship between cognitive coaching and brain research
Commit and apply the support functions and states of mind to refine their own coaching capabilities
Develop their mastery in the pace, the lead and the outcome structure within the
problem-resolving map
Be introduced to the Calibrating Conversation and Group Planning Conversation



Sue Presler is a teacher with 29 years of experience and has taught at every level, elementary through high school. Sue has been involved in providing professional development for administrators and teachers for the past 20 years. Sue began her independent consulting in 2001 working with school districts across the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia. To learn more about Sue, click here!


Any person who has successfully completed the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Training Seminar is eligible to register for this event

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