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Great teachers are made, not born. Even small improvements in teacher effectiveness can impact student achievement. National and international research shows unequivocally that quality teaching has the greatest in-school impact on student learning than any other factor. Consequently, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s Teacher Performance and Development Framework (AITSL 2010) urges schools to focus on improving teaching practices in order to raise student achievement. Such a culture of self-improvement is a key tenet of The Art and Science of Teaching, in which teachers are provided with clear guidelines as to what constitutes effective practice.

What is The Art & Science of Teaching?
The Art and Science of Teaching (Marzano, 2007) is a research-based framework for understanding the nature of effective teaching. Ten instructional design questions from that framework are organised into three broad categories:

1. Lesson segments involving routine events
2. Lesson segments addressing content
3. Lesson segments enacted on the spot.

Within these categories, each design question is divided into individual elements that describe specific classroom strategies and behaviours.

These elements align with the AITSL standard descriptors and provide teachers with evidence-based strategies for demonstrating the standards.

About the Institute

Dr Tammy Heflebower; Senior Scholar at Marzano Research Laboratory in Denver Colorado and Dr Janelle Wills; Director of Marzano Institute Australia present an interactive, engaging workshop that introduces and explains the instructional framework from The Art and Science of Teaching developed by Dr Robert J. Marzano. 
Participants will benefit from the expertise of two presenters who as researchers, practitioners and facilitators will lead the two days of learning. In addition, Dr Janelle Wills will bring a depth of understanding on how this influential work links to the National Curriculum and will share real life examples of how schools are utilising this as their common language of instruction.


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