“Professional learning will be most effective when it takes place within a culture where teachers and school leaders expect and are expected to be active learners, to reflect on, receive feedback on and improve their pedagogical practice, and by doing so to improve student outcomes”
-Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders, 2012

Monday 27 October

Becoming a Reflective Teacher combines The Art and Science of Teaching framework for effective instruction with goal setting, focused practice, focused feedback, and observations and discussions to improve teachers’ instructional practices.   Participants will develop their skills by reflecting on their personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to nine critical design questions, setting growth goals, engaging in focused practice to meet those goals, and soliciting feedback from students and colleagues.

Tuesday 28 October

Provide targeted, constructive support for instructional change

This workshop provides instructional coaches, heads of department and school leaders with step-by-step guidelines for working with teachers to increase their effectiveness.  Participants will learn strategies for offering targeted feedback, nurturing the drive for self- improvement and engaging teachers in the process of growing their professional knowledge and skills.
Empower teachers to respond to student needs, and you will help them experience success in the classroom.


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