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Tuesday 27 January 2015
Student engagement is a central aspect of effective teaching. Learn how to create a lively, dynamic classroom in which students are excited to learn and have the drive to keep exploring until they succeed. Lay a positive foundation that predisposes students to learn and take home practical, research-based strategies to spark student interest by making learning personally relevant. Discover how to build the confidence that gives students ownership and a joy for their learning.
Creating Highly Engaged Classrooms explores the four questions that determine student engagement and shows how to set the stage for positive answers to each of them:
How do I feel?
Am I interested?
Is this important?
Can I do this?

The workshop offers an in-depth understanding of how to generate high levels of student attention to maximise learning potential. Presenter Jan Hoegh will provide participants with real classroom examples and strategies for achieving high engagement, based on comprehensive research. Every participant will receive a copy of The Highly Engaged Classroom (2010) as part of their registration.

Our Presenter

Jan Hoegh is associate vice president of Marzano Research Laboratory in Colorado. She has been a classroom teacher, building-level leader, professional development specialist, high school principal, and curriculum coordinator during her 27 years in education.

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