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Introducing Active Classroom

Active Classroom is a versatile teaching assistant that provides valuable insight into each student’s CARS & STARS progress. So you can focus on what’s most important: teaching.

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Active Classroom turns your device into a powerful teaching assistant, helping teachers to guide their students through a comprehensive diagnostic and instructional reading comprehension program, see their progress and keep them on track. With Active Classroom, you can easily monitor your students’ progress on every student device at the same time, or generate summary reports that show individual strengths and weaknesses in the twelve reading strategies – all with a single click. Active Classroom helps teachers focus on teaching so that students can focus on learning.

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The best way to learn is by doing and making. The Active Classroom feature helps you keep an eye on student progress from anywhere. And Active Classroom helps you keep track of how everyone in the class is doing — so you can tailor your teaching to the needs of each student.

Monitor Progress

View students’ progress across all their works.

View Screen

Know how every student is doing at a glance.

Generate Summary Reports

Generate summary reports – all with a single click.

Manage Reading Levels

Manage your student's reading level at one place.

CARS: Diagnostic

The research-based Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS) series helps you quickly identify which of the twelve standards-based reading comprehension strategies your students might be struggling to understand. You can then provide students with targeted instruction depending on each student's individual needs by using STARS interactivity lessons.
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STARS: Instruction

The research-based Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS) series provides explicit direct instruction in the 12 core reading strategies tested in CARS. Each lesson is broken into five parts providing a gradual release of responsibility and increase in student confidence. Multiple definitions and examples of each strategy within each lesson continually reinforce understanding.
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“Fabulous program - I wish I had found it earlier.”

“Yes - excellent for students and lifting their comprehension.”

“It helps me be organised and after the students get used to it, they can run with it themselves.”

“It's a good structured program which shows growth in the students.”

“It is easy to use and has many of the elements we need to support students comprehension acquisition.”

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High performing primary schools: What do they have in common?
by William Louden
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