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As we helped you reach your goals in the past year, we too traversed several milestones. This New Year let us raise a toast to those wonderful journeys and thank you for providing us with the opportunity to serve you and we promise to make your experience a satisfying and enriching one in the coming days. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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CARS: Diagnostic

The research-based Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS) series helps you quickly identify which of the twelve standards-based reading comprehension strategies your students might be struggling to understand. You can then provide students with targeted instruction depending on each student's individual needs by using STARS interactive lessons.
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STARS: Instruction

The research-based Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS) series provides explicit direct instruction in the 12 core reading strategies tested in CARS. Each lesson is broken into five parts providing a gradual release of responsibility and increase in student confidence. Multiple definitions and examples of each strategy within each lesson continually reinforce understanding.
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CARS: Diagnostic Assessments


STARS: Instruction Lessons


Strategy-based Graphic Organisers


Extended Writing Responses


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Manage student accounts


Accessible Reports


Overview of a student's activities


Intuitive administrative tools


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