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STARS Online - Launching
18th May 2018
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Introducing: the next generation of STARS lessons
Create a thoroughly immersive close reading experience as part of a new era in STARS Instruction
These innovative interactivity close reading lessons are found within the CARS & STARS reading comprehension domain of STARS Instruction and just like other CARS assessments, are automatically assigned, tracked and available through the online reports.

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STARS: Instruction
Key Features
CARS & STARS Timeline
CARS & STARS Timeline
Illustrate each reading level program structure to ensure students have a solid understanding of each strategy before moving on to the next level. This timeline also helps the student to review their reading comprehension journey towards success.
Recommended STARS Lessons
Personalised Instruction
Upon completion of Pretest diagnostics based on the student's areas of greatest need, personalised online lessons will be automatically recommended for students to complete in order to remediate areas that require reinforcement.
Strategy-based Graphic Organisers
Strategy-based Graphic Organisers
Graphic organisers help learners to comprehend and retain textually important information. These strategy-based graphic organisers depict how students can apply each strategy.
Extended Writing Responses
Extended Writing Responses
Open-ended questions prompt students to explore what they already know about the 12 reading strategies from their daily lives.
Question Hints
Question Hints
Provide additional information for the student to complete the questions. These hints may give information about the questions themselves or direct students to find key information within the passage.
Answer Analysis
Answer Analysis
Model for students how they can find the correct answers to comprehension questions, with explanations as to why those answers are correct and why the other answers are not.
Strategy Corner
Strategy Essential Points
Derived from the Strategy Bookmarks, these serve as a helpful reminder about the strategy that students have learned in the lesson. The strategy essential points are also used to support the application of each strategy to year-level text.
Review Lessons & Final Review
More Practice
Help students to focus on the targeted reading strategies from the three previous lessons with Review Lessons, before the Final Review provides practice in all 12 reading strategies. Students are provided with the correct answers upon completion of each passage.
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  1. CARS & STARS Online: Diagnostic (CARS) is currently available, presenting the full CARS series in an exciting digital form that is accessible on all major devices and platforms. CARS & STARS Online: Instruction (STARS) component is available after 18th May 2018.
  2. This promotional student subscription price ($12.95) per student is a one time offer and is valid only for 2018. The CARS & STARS Online (Diagnostic & Instruction) original student subscription cost is $19.95 per student.
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