From Toothpicks to Treetops:
Quantity and Space in Mathematics

Rita J. Corbett

Date Available:
11 January 2007
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A4, spiral bound, soft cover, 270pp
Age Range:
Prep to Year 9
Maths, Problem Solving, Thinking Skills
Key selling points:

• Easy to read and follow chapter layouts
• Applies maths skills to the ‘Real World’
• Encourages cooperative learning
• Clear student activities for Primary Levels and Middle Years
• Encourages students to use higher order thinking skills
• Useful teacher example figures visualising the each concept


From Toothpicks to Treetops serves the needs of the maths whiz and the non-mathematically inclined alike by exploring and applying mathematical constructs to everyday situations. It outlines four ways students can begin to engage in problem solving: identification, comparison, combination and separation. Each method is used to reveal connections between mathematical thoughts, topics and applications. Activities are included at the end of each chapter to help students understand the relationship of mathematics and their surroundings. Expand students’ mathematical thinking and increase their ability to communicate this thinking meaningfully in different areas of mathematics, including:
• Number Sense
• Operations
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Measurement
• Problem Solving

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