Inquiry Science: P2 (VELS Edition)

Jenny Kotros and Marigold Draper
Date Available:
18 December 2006
1 74170 138 4
A4, stapled, 52pp
Age Range:
Science, Thinking skills, inquiry-based learning

Key selling points:

Supports the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)
Interesting, engaging activities designed to encourage critical thinking
Challenges students to scientifically question their ideas and make predictions about further experiments
Includes reflection questions to focus attention on using science concepts in real life situations
Also available in Non VELS edition


Inquiry Science is designed to engage children in investigation and discovery, through hands on, student-centred activities. These easily resourced learning centre tasks provide opportunities for children to verbalise their observations and make inferences. In addition to a clear explanation of the activity, each lesson includes background information on the topic and suggestions to help children focus on the experiment and to record and think about the discoveries. Topics include light, electricity, force, weather and water.

Supporting resources:

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